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2021-Jul-17 - Wooroloo - Loft Floorboards #32

I went to site and programmed there for the day.

The last time I tested out two new floorboard runs for the different joist spacing I found a problem near the rear wall.

The only way to investigate this fully was to remove the sheeting above these runs.

Because it was raining I first needed to deploy the large tarpaulin over the work area.

Then the next break in my work - I lifted the sheeting.

These new floorboards are not yet fixed down - just placed in position.

Looking directly from overhead I could see that all the screw positions were correct apart from the very last set - and even these would work.

I took the offending run home and found that my cutting was about 5 mm out - which means all my measurements are still correct.

Saturday - Sunday

Knowing that my marking stick is correct - I went in to mass production of floor board runs.

Prepared floorboard runs