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2009-Jan-15 - Wooroloo - Free materials from demolition #7
We left the stripped out lower frame for Tony M to drop on Wednesday - but the job was too much for him to take on immediately - so Ian Chalmers demolished it with his earth moving equipment, rolled it into a tangled ball of steel and took it around to the local scrap metal merchant.

I came in on Thursday morning to remove the slabs.

I arrived on site at 7.00 am and counted the slabs - 80 good intact slabs remaining. Half of them 1.5 inches thick, half of them 2 inches thick (to bear the weight of a vehicle).

I decided that I could safely transport 40 at a time on the trailer - so the plan is to lift these Thursday morning and drop them off at Wooroloo in the evening and then lift the remaining 40 on Friday morning.

Upon talking to Anna I found out that Ian was coming back on Friday morning for the final cleanup on the site - so I begged to be allowed in at 6.00 am.

I decided that I had better pack up and remove my rolling scaffold immediately.

I also lifted and stacked the remaining slabs in to some neat piles and tidied all the broken pieces in to another pile. Hopefully Ian can work around them for a little while on Friday morning.


Because it was stinking hot, I planned to take the trailer out to Wooroloo at 7.00 in the evening - when it would just be starting to cool down.

I hooked up the trailer and made other preparations at 5.00 pm. Fortunately I decided to take the vehicle up the driveway immediately rather than wait until 7.00 pm. Spent the next hour getting bogged and cutting gashes in to our driveway. Much judicious insertion of wooden plank later I was able to get the vehicle and trailer up on to the main road. I was already exhausted even before I made the trip to Wooroloo or unloaded the slabs

Nothing remains of the garage / studio

Half of the slabs loaded on the trailer