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2009-Jan-10 - Wooroloo - Free materials from demolition #5
Arrived at 7.00 am Saturday morning and cut out all diagonals and cross bracing upstairs. Had this done by 8.30 am.

Linda arrived soon after and we slid the heavy window down a couple of 4x2 beams and carried it to the back of the utility.

Then we proceeded to drop entire frames with the gable truss in place and cut the legs off once they were on the ground. The first attempt on the end truss was a bit of a disaster, the inner legs caught and distorted the truss badly before it even hit the ground. The opposite end was a bit better and the inner trusses much more well behaved.

There was a 45 minute hiatus when I had to send Linda off to buy another plug for the large angle grinder but we had all the frames down before midday.

Initially Ian Chalmers had shown some interest in having the trusses, but later decided he didn't want them junking up his yard - so he left them to us. Unfortunately, the only way I had to transport them was by cutting them in half.

By 2.00 pm we had cleaned and packed everything up and headed home.

Now we just need to wait for Andrew to lift the floorboards and then we can salvage the 5 x 2 timbers under the floor.

All diagonals and cross bracing removed

All diagonals and cross bracing removed

All trusses dropped

All trusses dropped

Some trusses on the ground with legs cut off

Materials salvaged