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2008-Dec-27 - Wooroloo - Free materials from demolition #1
It was time to build the next section of temporary roofing over floorboards just laid.

I was casting around for corrugated iron and only finding scraps.

Out of the blue, Ian Chalmers rang me and told me he had been given the job of demolishing a two storey garage plus carport. There was a lot of sheet metal and jarrah that was just going to be crushed and sent to the tip.

I was needing at least 80 square metres of sheet metal and 200 metres of 4x2 jarrah - so the opportunity was a God Sent.

It means that I will not make any progress on site for the next few weekends but it will be worth it.

Linda valiantly offered to work with me. It was great to have the company and the assistance.

Garage before we removed the roof

Getting organised

Getting organised

After removing garage roof

Sheeting rescued from the garage roof

Timber rescued from the garage roof

Timber & Sheeting rescued from the carport