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2008-Dec-13 - Wooroloo - End Matching the Floorboards
I wheeled out the new router table for the first time.

First an extension collet needed to be installed in the drive chuck

Then the router needed to be mounted in the table

Next the dual cutters were locked in to the extended chuck

I found that the fence would not move forward enough - I'm assuming this is deliberate - the manufacturer must be assuming that a face is placed over the fence. I made a face up using floorboards.

Once the existing jig was position, I could screw some blocks of wood on to the facing to keep the front edge of the jig under control

I had also purchased a slider which is bolted under the jig and controls the horizontal positioning of the jig

Using the two methods just mentioned - all the operator needs to concentrate on is traversing the jig - not trying to hold it down or against the face of the router table

All this setting up took the best part of 4 hours

This gave me enough time to route the male tongue on to about one third of the floorboards.

On Sunday I completed the remaining work routing the tongues, then an hour or two to set up the routing for the groove, and managed to work through about a third of the floorboards

I'll have to finish this off during the week if I'm to have any hope of installing floorboards next weekend.

The Nice New Cast Iron Router Table

Setting up a Fence

A lovely 50 sq metres of boards all end matched