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2008-Dec-6 - Wooroloo - Preparing the next 60 sq m of floorboards
I can't lay any more floorboards until I denail, dock and end match some more.

I have had a pile of finger jointed floorboards sitting under sheet metal in the tatty old temporary carport tent. These must have been there for at least 2 years - every time I think of processing them another batch of floorboards arrives over the top of them

I spent Saturday and Sunday carrying them in to the workshop and grinding off the nails. The hardware store sold me some very thin (about 1mm) cutting disks just for this purpose.

The are very quick and seem to last forever. I'm still on the first disk.

I also experimented with laminating THREE pieces of pallet cladding together to achieve the lower beams of the temporary roofing. Previously I was only having to laminate two of the thicker pieces - but it seemed such a pity to waste the slightly thinner pieces.Glue between each layer and 4 nails created a very sturdy set of beams (90 x 55 mm)

During the week I docked every end of the denailed timber - ready for end matching the following weekend.