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2008-Nov-22 - Wooroloo - Installing Temporary Roof # 3
I was really hoping to lay another 2.4m of temporary roofing this weekend.

Some of the floorboards were covered with overlapping black plastic - and that never really works properly. With the showery weather we are still experiencing, I really wanted to protect the floor properly

All during the week leading up to this weekend, I constantly beavered away preparing everything for a fast, efficient, roof install on Saturday / Sunday

Everyday I would spray four sheets of corrugated iron. Each morning I would sweep all the dust off them and stand them up against the workshop and then spray the bottom half. By the end of the day, although still a little tacky, they were dry enough to turn up the other way and spray the other half.

This paint seems to need about a week to really harden - so it's very easy to scratch back to the shiny metal when handling and stacking.

The roof frames at the extreme ends (100 mm high and 600 mm high) also needed holes drilled and lengths of threaded rod fitted to allow them to be bolted to purlins.

Finally, a set of two tie down brackets needed to be made for 12 out of each 14 piece set of frames - amounting to 72 brackets in all.

Friday night I came very close to working on these but had a bad migraine plus rain forecast the next day - so I gave up installing roofing this weekend.

The next morning Linda and I sat out on the veranda with all the frames, some hoop iron and a small metal guillotine I have just bought and folded up all the brackets

Hare and Forbes have some very cheap chinese guillotines at the moment (only $169 as opposed to usual $500) - this really saved a lot of wear and tear on my hands.

On Sunday morning I did visit the site. I drilled holes through the purlins at the extreme edges to mount the 100mm and 600 mm frames.

Now hopefully, if next weekend is dry, I can fly through the job of installing another section of roof.

Spraying the tatty old corrugated iron

Roof frames bevelled and strapped

End frames with threaded rod

Very handy small metal guillotine

The hold down straps