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2008-Nov-15 - Wooroloo - Floor Laying Week #5
Exciting day !

I reached a milestone - I'm up to the stairwell void.

I laid two more full length floorboard runs and then cropped it back by 2.5m around the stairwell

I'll cover these exposed purlins with some structural flooring so that the temporary roof can go over the top.

I have now installed 6.0 m x 10.0 m of flooring - almost halfway to the 12.6 m target.

All my existing supply of floorboards has been used up - so there will now be a hiatus while I denail and end match another batch.

Also I have 3.6 m of flooring exposed and cannot cover it with a single piece of black plastic - so time to install another batch of temporary roofing.

I spent Sunday preparing all the roof frames I have already constructed - a small chamfer across the top of every frame, plus cross bracing out of hoop iron.

Next weekend will be a huge push to install 3 sets of frames with corrugated iron

I'll be working frantically all week during my real work breaks to have everything poised to go.

Looking from Ian's end

Stairwell void

From Ross's end (and Ian in shot)