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2008-Nov-9 - Wooroloo - Processing pallet timber
This was an 'off' weekend. I had to go to hospital for an endoscopy to try to figure out why I have such bad reflux - they found nothing wrong - so it's probably lifestyle factors - need to eat slower, less coffee, less stress, lose some weight..

We ended up going to a movie after.

Sunday I needed to work on an urgent job for a client - so had Monday off instead.

Monday, I started cleaning up all the loose pieces that came off pallets as I was scavenging them the other day.

After a lot of denailing and docking of broken pieces I had quite a neat collection of 40mm x 90m pine and cladding pieces that could be doubled up to form the bottom timber of a frame.

Don't know what to do with this thin cladding

Thicker cladding nailed in pairs to create rails

A few pieces of 100 x 50 salvaged

Various 90 x 45 recovered