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2008-Oct-30 - Wooroloo - Scavenging more pallets for roof frames
After a quick head count of all the pallets and other timber resources I have collected for frame making I realised that I was short by about 30 frames.

Every Thursday I check the local Quokka classified advertisements for anyone giving away free firewood from pallets / boxes.

Nothing really suitable today - so I decided to try a site I had noticed when taking Linda to the airport.

It was a large tyre company in Redcliffe

I gave them a ring and their response was "Sure - you can come and take the whole lot"

So I hooked up the trailer, shot down the hill, loaded up briskly and headed back home.

Less than 2 hours for the whole operation (I shouldn't have been away from my desk at all with the pressure of work)

The foreman was very helpful - "Come and visit whenever you like. We throw out a pile this size every two months. I'd rather see it being recycled rather than just going to the tip"

I went back again on Friday and returned home with an equal size load - now I can be sure that I have enough to build all the roof frames.

I'm starting to find that just about every part of a pallet can be used in making the roof frames - so very little waste.

Thursday - 1st Load

Thursday - 1st Load

Friday - 2nd Load

Friday - 2nd Load