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2008-Oct-25 - Wooroloo - Installing Temporary Roof # 2
Just finalising work I did on the temporary roof last week.

The forecast for Saturday was rain in the morning, clearing in the afternoon. I decided that there was no point attempting to work on the roof while it was raining - so we went to a movie in the morning and I was out at the block by 3.00 pm.

I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of leaks after my hasty work the previous week.

I attached some barge capping down the back edge over the triangle and installed a 2400 x 700 rectangle over the open face towards Ross's side, plus some barge capping there.

Ran around all the holes I could find in the sheeting and filled them with sealant.

Even this small job took 3 hours and I returned home in the dark.

Sunday - I was out at site by 7.30 (everything moved by an hour due to daylight saving starting up)

I realised that I should have "weathered" the ends of the sheeting over the open face - so quickly whipped the barge capping off again and bent up the valleys with a shifter.

Then got on to a tall A frame ladder and worked along the back triangle screwing all the sheets down even more so that the overlaps formed relatively neat edges.

I'd hauled my compressor and spray gun out with me - so dropped it in to position under the back edge at ground level and sprayed the barge capping from above and the end sheeting from the side

There's nothing like spray painting to quickly lay a block of colour on to sheeting. Much less effort compared to a paint brush. Quite a few paint runs - but I'm not concerned - just trying to freshen up the scrappy metal- the end result is pretty neat and clean.

The previous week I had been rather haphazard when screwing down on to the beams and in some places had one good screw and two screws that missed.

Of course, these will not simply back out as there is no thread at the point where the roofing screw passes through the sheet iron. Consequently - the screw needs to be helped out with a lever while driving it in reverse. Then the holes patched with sealant

I'm now feeling pretty happy about the integrity of this roof.

I stripped off the old sheet of black plastic (torn, starting to disintegrate) and replaced it with a nice new sheet. I also reworked the way I held the black plastic down so that there would be less hauling around of timber beams at the beginning and end of each work day.

It was now 11.00 am and I was intending to install a few rows of floorboards. However I had numbness in the skin of the small fingers of both hands, and the skin on the back of my left leg. It was obvious to me that I was pushing myself too hard - so I decided to make an early day of it and head home.

Spent a pleasant afternoon at home reading the paper on the veranda with Linda.

Also raked up all the branches and twigs on the lawns and mowed all the lawns - so not a completely idle afternoon