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2020-Nov-14 - Wooroloo - Back Wall #56
I just couldn't get myself going this Saturday.

The first job was to replace a little bit of the temporary roof right near one of the doors.

The support for this piece of corrugated iron will also form the base for the acro props when I replace the top plate in the wall.

After this I laid a scaffolding plank parallel to the stud frame and made sure it was over a floor joist.

Then I clamped the acro props in place using pieces of timber and many clamps.

I set the acro props to their lowest height and was able to place another plank over the top of them.

Again - lots of clamps and I gradually wound the acros up until the plank was touching the ceiling joists.

I could see that I really needed a third prop in the middle - so I stopped work on this for the day.

At this point I was very tired and had a sleep for two hours.

When I emerged I decided that I would install some drop bolts (on the wrong door of each set of french doors) so that I could remove the temporary brackets keeping the doors shut.

I made a start on this but then Jim and Sandy came to visit so I piked off work again and we had coffee for an hour.

After this I went back to work on the drop bolts but the sun was setting - so time to pack up and head home.


I was all set to head out to site first thing but again was rather slack so instead had breakfast with Linda at Patch of Country and eventually reached site at midday.

I installed the third acro prop in the middle.

I also replaced all my clamps with bolts and screws (because I will need them for some biscuit joining soon).

I soldiered on and installed a drop bolt at the top of the first set of french doors.

Now I am already to switch in the new top plate next Saturday.

Monday through Friday

I thicknessed a piece of 4 x 2 down to 35 mm and then ripped it in half on the table saw.

I then made very careful cuts to produce new door edge pieces 40 mm x 35 mm with a 10 x 17 mm tongue.

This is all so that I can increase the meat in the door styles from 85 mm up to 100 mm and then be able to install $45 deadlocks instead of $160 deadlocks.

I ripped 25 mm off the doors, bog filled the lock cavities and then biscuit joined the new edge on to the door.

Door set #4 is completed - I still need to finish set #3.

Ready to replace the top plate

Temporary bolts in the doors