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2021-Jul-3 - Wooroloo - Loft Floorboards #30
Aaaaaargh !

Seven weeks on this project and I have only laid 12 floor board runs!

Today I had one more run to install.

This was a tricky one as it was over some steel beams welded back to back.

This meant I had to rebate each floorboard to allow for the protruding weld.

Also one of the previously installed boards was over a small sideways weld and was not sitting flush because of this.

This meant I had to undo a number of screws in to 8 mm of steel.

For each screw I cleared away any debris so that I could achieve a clean insertion between the square bit and the screw head.

Unfortunately I was lazy on the very last screw and ended up burring the screw head.

This lead to at least an hour of pratting around to release the last screw and some damage on the underside of the board that needed gluing.

Finally I had everything ready for clamping and drilling.

I tried out my new cramps but unfortunately, no matter how tightly I did up the clamp on to the floor joist, the mechanism just kept sliding along the joist.

I had to resort to the pipe clamps I have been using so far.

The entire length of the last run required drilling through 8mm of steel.

Fortunately I am getting better at sharpening 3 mm drill bits and this step ran more smoothly than I expected.

It was 4.30 pm before I had finished the job.

Packing up the tools and tucking away the roof under covers took me in to darkness.

I have already had a few suggestions on how to improve my home made cramps.

Jim suggested adding a plate that overlaps the vertical face of the floor joists (Z purlins) and then temporarily fixing to the joist through the plate - a very good idea.

Linda suggested a product that she is familiar with that she uses to line shelves.

It is a light rubbery sheeting that enhances friction between two surfaces.

This also sounds like a very good idea.

Progress by the end of the day