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2008-Oct-4 - Wooroloo - Getting Closer to Installing some Roofing
Saturday was a day of intermittent showers.

I learned my lesson from the other week where I spent more time frantically covering and uncovering areas of floorboards than actually getting anything done.

I stayed home Saturday, creating temporary roof forms and headed out to the block on Sunday when it was fine.

Had a couple of small wins on Saturday.

I had been talking to Tony M on Friday - he suggested that I did not need to bolt down all the roofing forms through the underlying floorboards and purlins below - this would be very labour intensive and make a mess of the floorboards.

Instead I could run straps over the bottom timber of the forms and screw the straps down to the floorboards.

Bolting would still be needed out on the extreme edges

I ran this idea past Rusty at the hardware and was pleasantly surprised when he agreed that this would be strong enough - I purchased a thousand wood screws on the spot.

He had also been saving timbers out of pallets and packing boxes for me - so I took home about 40 pieces of timber.

Within two hours these had been sorted and docked to size.

By the end of the day they had been incorporated in to my second set of temporary roofing forms.

I had hoped to install both sets of roofing forms, built so far, over the floorboards on Sunday

So far I have installed 3.1 metres of flooring and it is reaching a point where I cannot do any more until the 4m black plastic protecting it is replaced with some roofing.

By eight o'clock in the evening on Saturday I was not quite ready - I still needed to bevel a small slope on to the upper bearing surface of each form and then add the cross bracing straps.

I decided to do this at seven o'clock Sunday morning and then head out to site

I had this fond fantasy that I could do all this by eight o'clock, install the roofing in an hour or so, and still lay another couple of strips of flooring.

The reality is - I did not finish fabricating the forms until 10 o'clock and didn't get out to site until 11am.

Once out at Wooroloo, I had a very interesting chat with another owner builder, at the deli.

His construction is 12 sided with a geodesic dome at the second level - looks very well thought out and designed.

Finally got to work, unloading custom orb sheets off the trailer and stacking up the two sets of roofing forms. I also carried up all the previous roofing sheets I had brought to site earlier and sorted them in to piles up on the flooring level

I realised by now that I would have no chance of installing all the roofing in one go that day - so I just concentrated on preparing everything necessary so that I could make quick work of it next visit.

I bolted down the 100 mm and 600 mm members at the extreme ends - this was very fiddly and time consuming and I'm now very glad that most of the tie downs will be done with straps

I still didn't get home until 5.30 pm - so the previous fond fantasies I had held for the day went way out the window.

Unfortunately I jack knifed the trailer in to the car while parking the trailer at home. I've done a bit of damage to the back of the utility, which is a bit sad.

Feeling discouraged at the moment - work on the flooring is going excruciatingly slowly. Next weekend is taken up with weddings and parties with Linda's family - feels like a lost weekend coming up. I know that the whole time I am at these social events, attempting to make small talk with strangers, I will wish I was doing something productive out at Wooroloo.

Two sets of temporary roofing forms

Supplies of roofing metail