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2008-Sep-28 - Wooroloo - Floor Laying Week #3
Didn't get to site on Saturday (buying a jacket to attend a wedding, saw "Wallee" at the cinema) so I was determined to make up for it on Sunday.

I was hoping to do 4 sets of boards but managed 3.

It seems that 3 sets in a day is the most I can do - ended up with muscle spasms and sciatic pain from the constant bending over while screwing down the boards

I think I'll mix in more of the mid week site visits where I come out to install one set of boards at a time (3 square metres)

So far I have laid 3.1 metres width so about one quarter the way towards the total of 12.6 metres.

I find that I'm laying about a square metere per hour - so this leaves me with another 90 hours work to go

I'm showing some detailed pictures below of some of the processes.

Because we are laying on to steel purlins, we cannot use the usual flooring cramps for compacting the floorboards together.

Instead we clamp down a length of 4 x 2 then wedges, then a floating 4 x 2.

Tapping the wedges together compresses the boards together.

I then measure the total width from the starting edge and adjust the wedge pressure to achieve a variation of no more than 4 mm

I mark out the positions of the purlins underneath using a pencil and large set square (referencing the existing row of screws).

Next I drill through the floorboard only using a 9/16 inch drill bit.

We found from experimentation that this is the best choice - it allows the screw to turn freely in the timber while drilling in to the purlin underneath. This avoids the problem of the floorboard climbing up the screw.

I then run along all the holes using a countersink bit in a cordless drill

Finally I use a screw gun to drive in all the screws

I was forced to relocate the short floorboards stacked at the edge of the floored area - I have a length of 4m wide black plastic. At 3.1 metres the floor is too wide for the plastic to cover both it and the piles of floorboards

I might try out my first row of roofing frames soon and roof over the first 800 mm of floor.

Wedges in place

Wedges Detail

Screwing Down the Boards

Progress by the end of the day