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2008-Sep-23 - Wooroloo - Mid Week Floor Laying # 1
The weather is taunting me - miserable conditions over the weekend, fine days during the week when I'm shackled to my office desk

I decided to try something different today (Tuesday - fine weather)

Got up at 5.30 am

Working by 6.00 am

Did 3 hours work up to 9.00 am

Farted around a bit, loaded the ute with tools, went out to site and laid another 4 rows of floorboards, Home by 2.00 pm, back to money earning work.

Here are my timings:

Load tools on to utility (all preboxed ready to go) - 5 minutes

Drive out to Wooroloo - 20 minutes

Unload tools, set out, setup, plug in extension leads, set up drop saw, pull back covers - 15 minutes

Dock and lay 4 lengths (10 metres) of floorboards - 30 minutes

Clamp, wedge, check width measurements - 30 minutes

Predrill, countersink, screw - 60 minutes

Pack up tools in to boxes on utility, re-cover floorboards with black plastic - 15 minutes

Drive back home - 20 minutes

Unpack tools from utility to workshop - 5 minutes

So 80 minutes overhead to do 120 minutes work on site

I guess it doesn't look too good on paper - but it is a nice break from programming work in the middle of the day and at least I can make a little bit of progress on the fine days.

A little bit more progress