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2008-Sep-20 - Wooroloo - Floor Laying Week #2
I was really determined to make some progress this weekend what with skipping one weekend after an elbow injection, and then another with a cold.

The advantage of the Holden Rodeo is that I can load most of my tools up the night before in the extended cab then just throw the last few things on the back in the morning, and get away half an hour earlier.

Saturday morning I arrived at 6.30 and tiptoed around quietly until 7.00 am laying out tools for work.

I managed to install one set of boards (10 m long by shorts, longs, shorts, longs) before Tony M arrived and one set with his help.

Having another person there for the drilling / fixing sure makes a big difference

Sunday morning I arrived with high expectations - I thought to myself,

"Maybe I can get two sets in before Tony arrives, and another two sets with his help"

On the way out, at 6.00 am in the morning, it just drizzled all the way and I was very tempted to turn around and head home to construct roof frames.

Just as I reached the outskirts of Wooroloo - a brilliant blue sky broke through the clouds - so I decided to stay

I did some timings - 45 minutes to dock and lay 4 rows of floorboards, 45 minutes to clamp and wedge tight and check widths measurements, 60 minutes to fasten.

Many times I had to frantically cover everything with black plastic and beat a hasty retreat to the car

Eventually I had a lunch break, and just as I was about to start again - I was trapped in the car by a sixty minute downpour

I couldn't even pack up the tools without risking giving them a soaking

By the time the next dry spell arrived I was despondent and defeated - I took advantage of the break in the weather to pack up.

Some of the floorboards had become quite wet along the edges where the rain and wind had penetrated.

I realised that I would have to come back the next day to lift the plastic and allow all the timber to dry out in the sun

As I drove home I started to regret my decision - it seemed that we had finally hit a prolonged interval of clear sky

However, I was wet through from my earlier efforts, and once I reached home I could see that the day was still bleak and windy.

Went to a very pleasant café (The Lavender Patch) with Linda and then spent several hours denailing floorboards - so still a good use of the day - just disappointed that I am not making more progress.

Some Progress