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2021-Jun-26 - Wooroloo - Loft Floorboards #29
Another frustrating day.

I only installed 4 more boards.

Because I am working under the existing roof I have to constantly relocate support timbers.

After the floorboards are installed I have to drill through from underneath with an 8 mm drill bit and re-establish the bolting.

This is not easy and is eating up lot of time.

On the positive side - I now have a dedicated container of tools for this task including appropriate drill bits, all nice and sharp. Plus a couple of car jacks to assist in moving around stubborn beams.

I still need to rebate the entire length of the next run to fit over a welding seam. This is my first job next weekend.

During the week, in the evenings, I have been gradually building my floorboard cramps.

Hopefully, this Saturday, if the lockdown is relaxed, I can try them out.

Building the floorboard cramps

Hiding a multitude of sins with spray paint