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2008-Aug-30 - Wooroloo - Floor Laying Week #1
Out to site by 7.00 am, taking all the floorboards I end matched last weekend

Had to process, on site, about 30 boards that missed out on processing on site, two weeks ago.

Tony M arrived early afternoon and we installed the first floorboard along the back wall.

Lots of experimenting with pilot hole size, counter sinking

Meanwhile Linda rang with the bad news that my little toy truck had blown up its engine (conrod through engine block)

Went straight next door and bought Ian's extra Ute from him

Sunday - out to site at 8.00 am (because Linda came too to drive back new car from Ian)

Linda did a lot of very useful work painting the steel beams to prevent rusting

Tony M not due out on site until 11.00 am - so by the time he arrived I had installed 4 rows of boards, placed wedges and predrilled holes

Tony M and I pushed in all the screws and went on to do another 4 rows

Wedges working well.

Exhausted by the end of the day

Starting to realise that it is going to take about 3 months just to get the floor down :-(

All the floorboards finally delivered to site

Historic Moment - the first floor board

End of Sunday- 9 rows of boards installed