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2008-Aug-23 - Wooroloo - Still End Matching !
Went away to York on Saturday afternoon so only got to work on end matching on Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon (also meant to be resting my tennis elbow injury this weekend after injections - so officially a non construction weekend)

Used the setup that Tony M had created the previous Sunday to complete the tongues on the 25 long floorboards still at home.

I was loathe to touch this setup to change over to groove milling - but ended up doing this after we came back from York

Recorded the number of spacers between the two cutters and then restored the set up to tongue milling once I had finished - hopefully it will still be accurately set up when I take it out to site on the following Saturday

Unfortunately, while milling one of the very long floorboards, the jockey wheel came of its support, applying a large upward force to the retaining wood blocks on the fence - this ended up distorting the relatively thin, pressed metal fence.

It no longer holds the jig down snuggly - so will need to investigate buying a replacement ( a bit difficult for the obsolete Mk III Tritons)

Alternatively there are a couple of models of much more robust router bases available from Timbecon but these cost $550 to $650 and I'm a bit reluctant to spend the money at this stage.

Also, there must be two different batches of floorboards amoungst these long lengths as I noticed that some were a very tight fit in the jig - probably a variation of about 4 mm in the widths.

Will need to sort these out with a vernier caliper next Saturday, as well as find some way to clean varnish off some of the tongues.

The floorboards, a week later, on site