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2008-Aug-17 - Wooroloo - Still endmatching the #@$! Floor boards
Why does everything take so long !

During the week I took advantage of the new jig to route the new tongues on to about 150 short lengths.

Saturday - I had to run through all of these again to mill off the 1mm feather. Removed one cutter and shifted the other one up high to achieve the cleanup. Took about 3 hours

Then changed the cutter height again and started working on the missing grooves.

Had to spend an hour or two sorting through all pieces and extracting out those needing attention

Tony M arrived so I set the Triton up in a position where he could work on it easily

Stacked all the floorboards he would need in an easy to reach position

It was 4.00 pm by now.

Shot out to Wooroloo to offload some materials still on the trailer

Came back in the gathering dusk. Tony M packing up - still 38 pieces to mill.

Spent the next 3 hours working under halogen lamps loading up the trailer for Sunday

Some 4 x 2 timber to use as straight edge when wedging the floorboards tight while laying plus just about all floor boards that had been processed so far

Sunday - got up at 5.00 am and tied all the Triton components on to the trailer load of timber.

Couldn't take all floorboards because it was starting to look very loaded

Out to site by 7 am

Hauled the Triton and outstanding floorboards out on to the temporary deck and finished off the female routing.

Hauled the shorter finger jointed boards out on to the deck and investigated routing the groove in to these.

Had to spend the next two hours rebuilding the jig to accommodate different spec floor boards

Ran through the short boards and was testing one of the 4 metre boards when Tony M arrived.

Got him on to the routing and hauled about 40 long boards out on to the deck for him to work on.

Meanwhile Patrick the structural engineer, and his wife came out for a look - said everything was built very solidly.

I spent the next 3 hours hauling all the remaining boards off the trailer and on to the deck.

Meanwhile, Tony M changed the router over to milling tongues on the finger jointed boards (took about an hour of trial and error to set up correctly)

Still 40 boards on site and another 25 at home to mill - disappointing - I was hoping that we would be laying boards today.