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2021-Jun-19 - Wooroloo - Loft Floorboards #28
Our NBN at home is down, probably for the next two weeks.

An overheight vehicle has taken out our telephone cable between two poles either side of the street.

We are waiting for telstra to attend.

This means I am visiting the building site almost every day in order to be able to use its broadband connection and earn a living.

During breaks I have been gradually removing the temporary roof at the street level.

The objective is to be able to move a ladder back and forth over the area where I am using pipe clamps, above, to cramp up the floorboards as I lay them.

I am working in a "keyhole" at the loft floor level and this makes it difficult to adjust the pipe clamps as the span becomes longer.

Access from below will solve this problem.

I am working on making some clamps that will be able to work on the progressing edge of the floorboard installation.

However, these will take me a couple of weeks to finish so I need to use the pipe clamps in the interim.

On Saturday morning I removed some more sheeting, at the street level, and some more of the supporting frames.

This took me almost up to midday so I was a little reluctant to perform the full "start of day" / "end of day" business with the tarpaulins and instead pulled one sheet back on the roof and worked in the sun.

I had to fiddle around with yet more temporary carpentry to gain full access to the area I was covering.

Also I had to contort myself in to all sorts of positions to reach each fixing point - so by the end of the day I had experienced a full gymnastic workout.

Hence only 4 more boards installed.

Will I ever speed up on this job ?

Removing the temporary roof at street level

Another four boards added