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2008-Aug-10 - Wooroloo - End Matching the Floorboards
I have accumulated approximately 120 square meters of floorboards for the street level structural floor

Most of this is finger jointed (around 4m lengths) as well as a batch of short end matched (900mm to 1500 mm) A lot of the end matched boards need their tongue or groove reworked - and this made me realise that we could end match every single floor board. The advantage of this is that we could join between purlins eliminating the need for double screwing on joins and extending the useable lengths of the boards.

I had obtained from Timbecon a set of cutters on an arbor.

Spent most of Sunday setting up to use it on my Triton Mk3

The diameter of the cutter was too large to fit through the mounting plate or the top plate of the triton making installation very difficult - I had to place the router in to the triton assembly - then drop in the arbor - then tighten the chuck of the router while fully installed (very little room to swing a spanner) - then add the cutter blades on to the arbor with appropriate packers.

Next I found that it was impossible to traverse the work face of a floorboard across the cutter and keep the work absolutely square - plus a lot of force needed in attempting to hold it correctly

In the end I constructed a jig to lock any floorboard at right angles to the router fence and allow it to traverse its face across the cutters.

Just as dusk was arriving I finally started achieving decent tongues on the test pieces.

Still have the problem that it is very easy to pull the far end of the workpiece down and completely move the cutting point on its face.

The other annoyance is that the top cutter leaves about 1mm of waste behind - necessitating a second inverted pass to clean it off.

Plus with variations in the floor boards - some become very tightly wedge into the jig - need to use 'hold down clamps' instead.

I wish if could have tommorow off so that I could really get in to it.

Will have to attempt to process a huge number of floorboards during work breaks during the coming week if I am to have any hope of installing floorboards next Saturday

Triton with router installed

Close up of cutter head

A well machined sample



Jig in position

With work piece loaded