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2008-Aug-3 - Wooroloo - Installing Access Way for floorboard laying
Saturday - Attached uprights to LHS of bridge to secure a hand rail.

Shot down to Tony M's house mid morning to collect all his planks and load them on the trailer

Winched the bridge construction on to the trailer as well - ready for Sunday morning

Sunday - Took the bridge out to site on the trailer and dropped it in to position between the street and front beam

Attached some 400 mm corrugated iron to the top surface and then continued along the top of the purlins to almost the back wall

Tony M turned up at 3.00 pm and we then offloaded and placed all the planks

Ready to start installing floorboards

The planks are about 400 mm from the back wall - allowing us to install the first 400mm of floorboards.

Then we will progressively shuffle the planks backwards and unscrew the sheeting of the LHS walk way - as we go.

The Bridge

The Bridge seen from back corner of house

LHS Walkway seen from front

LHS Walkway seen from back

Planks across back