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2021-Jun-12 - Wooroloo - Loft Floorboards #27
I'm afraid this will be the pattern every week.

40 minutes, at the start of the day, to erect the temporary cover and to pull the roofing sheets back.

40 minutes at the end of the day to tuck everything up.

After the preliminaries, the first job was to punch through a few nails in the floorboards.

The batch I am currently working with are recycled and when I processed them I just cut the nails off from behind using an angle grinder.

This is fine, but when it comes to sanding the floor down I will need to punch these down a little.

This is not possible if the nails are over the top of a steel joist - so I need to extract the nail remnants that fall in this position.

During the week, to protect the tongue on the floorboard, while clamping, I prepared some narrow strips cut from waste floorboards. These consist of a groove and about 30 mm of material.

I place these protecting pieces at the clamping edge of the assembly.

My initial floor board lay is for 3 runs only.

I clamped these up using a moveable spine (about 5m long) and 4 pipe clamps.

Next I had to dig out my torque gun and its shoe.

After a few fixings I had the shoe adjusted to sink the screws in to the correct depth.

I am working my way along under the existing temporary roof so this means that I have to stop to remove structural timbers or gerry rig temporary support while I remove various struts to give full access.

So there have been a number of steps of bush carpentry along the way.

By now it was 4.30 pm and we are almost at the shortest day of the year.

I wanted to do more but I really needed to pack up so that I would not be wandering around on top of the roof in the dark.

Hopefully I will get in to the swing of things and make better progress next week.

Temporary Shelter

Progress by the end of the day