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2008-Jun-7 - Wooroloo - Installing Purlins weekend #4
Ross had finished welding on all the cleats - so ready for main push on installing the purlins,

Before Tony M arrived, frantically ran around laying out positions of purlins crossing the top plates of the steel framing.

Ran a very long straight edge over these walls and pop rivetted on various 1mm and 3mm plates to pack at crossing points

With Tony helping - placed another 7 purlins and bolted 8 purlins.

Tony stood on a rolling scaffold near the intermediate tank beam and assisted in bumping the purlins over various obstacles as I wielded the 12.6 metre lengths standing on the footpath.

I then ran down, bumped the purlin over the main garage beam, and drilled & bolted while Tony did the same at his position.

Still need to tekscrew these purlins to the steel framing another week and drill and bolt at the very front cleats.

a bit more progress