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2008-Jun-1 - Wooroloo - Denailing Floorboards
Very wet weekend

Stayed home and started denailing floorboards ready to go over purlins of undercroft

During the initial design phases, Linda did not take a deep interest in some of the decisions I was making.

Finally, when she realised that the floorboards would be running at right angles to the entrance hall she said "I can't believe you did that"

The layout of the floorboards was set way back at the structural design phase - this controlled the direction of the floor joists

In the end - we decided that we would lay a structural floor first and then eventually fit a 'show' floor over it (when we had stopped dropping 3 lb hammers off scaffolds, etc)

We looked around for structural floor materials that were white ant resistant and not full of nasty chemicals

The only choice we could see was to use recycled jarrah floorboards

This is a fairly expensive way to go - but we do not need to use cosmetically perfect boards and the cheaper finger jointed or end matched ones are suitable for an inside area.

Boards awaiting denailing

Tools of the trade