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2007-Mar-3 - Wooroloo - Bought a lovely old front door that will need a lot of TLC
Every week I was buying jarrah 4 x 2 s at Eldridge's Demolition - I kept being drawn to this sad old mistreated door leaning against the fence.

One vertical timber is bent and needs replacing and the surface has suffered from 3 years of being left out in the elements

Also it is intended for a 3m wall, not a 2.7 m wall like mine.

Anyway - I couldn't resist the price.

"If we leave it out in the yard for one more season - it will become firewood." they said. "You can have it for $75"

What have I let myself in for ? - this is going to need 40 hours of restoration.

The pictures below do not do it justice - I had already stripped off a lot of the moldings for repair before I took these photos.

The moldings need to be completely dismantled, filled with 2 part epoxy and then sanded back - there are many old nail holes, gaps, and pieces missing.

Also - some of the pieces have warped and need to be carefully planed back to level surfaces.

I am not going to attempt to restore this to show the grain (even though it appears to be a very attractive cedar) - I'm pretty sure the door was originally coated in opaque paint. Also - there are so many dents and cracks to be repaired - it would take me twice as long trying to work with a filler that matches the colour.

At one of my woodworking classes we built a base out of pine packing case timbers for storing and transporting the door on the trailer.

Door - back view

Molding before repairs

Filling with 2 part epoxy & sanding back

Rejoining broken pieces

Beginning repairs on one of the backing boards

Base for trailer transport