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2008-May-24 - Wooroloo - Installing Purlins weekend #3
Started off as a very disappointing day

I thought I had better check Tony M's welding from previous week

Found that he had welded on two cleats upside down, and one cleat on the wrong side of its line,

This was not a huge disaster - as I would get him to fix it up as soon as he arrived.

Disappointingly - he called in sick - so not coming for the day - and hence very little progress likely on cleats and purlins.

At this point I felt very despondent and almost called it "quits" for the day and went home

Then it occurred to me that minor setbacks were inevitable - and it was more my response to any obstacles that counted in the end.

Decided to stay on site and persevere for the day

Welded cleats at 5 positions and dropped purlin in to place on right hand edge

Fair bit of a gap between purlin and door headers - at first I thought that Ross had installed the main U beam a little too high - but a spirit level showed that it was perfect

Will need to insert a fair bit of packing

Having sorted out this edge I could then work out the amount of packing required over the top of the back wall - it's surprisingly level and will hardly need any.

Had an idea - asked Ross if he was interested in welding on the cleats (so I could make up lost time)

He was willing, did the job over the next two weeks, and in the end, it only took him 5 hours - so a good result after all !!