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2021-May-28 - Wooroloo - Loft Floorboards #25
This is going to be pretty much a repeating story for the next month or so.

I am making up "kits" of floorboards.

These are all numbered and ready to be screwed down on to the floor joists.

At this stage I am making up a set of 12 because, after that, the joist spacing changes.

I use the mark up stick to show me the position of each floor joist and I make sure that if two pieces need to be joined it occurs over a joist.

I also have a little template piece that assists me to mark up the drill holes above each joist and where two pieces are joining over a joist.

These, I am countersinking to 7 mm using a dowelling bit in a special little Japanese light weight drill press that gives me a precise depth.

Out on site I will use a torque gun with the "shoe" set to give a controlled screw down depth within the countersink holes.

Eventually I will fill each hole with plugs cut from the same material (I am saving and numbering all the offcuts).

As I build up each run kit, I have in front of me the previous run so that I can avoid two joins occuring over the same joist.

The small portable drill press

Floorboard kits made up so far