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2021-May-22 - Wooroloo - Loft Floorboards #24
Today I fetched about 20 floorboards out of storage and started to process them.

Some had adhesive and a thin layer of rubber underlay glued to them.

I spent quite a few hours cleaning these up using turpentine and a scraper.

After this, all the floor boards were brushed and scraped down and sorted in to piles for docking where necessary.

Once I have done the docking I will need to further sort them by width as this can range from 81 mm to 85 mm.

I also set up the "preparation table" - two long planks on horses making up a total length of 5.4 metres.

At the back of this is a template stick which I have marked up from the measurements I made out on site on Thursday.

The centre position of each floor joist is marked on this stick.

I will give a more detailed account of how I use the template at a later time.

Floorboards cleaned and sorted

The preparation table