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2007-Aug-6 - Wooroloo - Tank Slab - finally done
We originally intended that the concreting boys would do their magic on July 10th - the day after the screw piles were due to go in.

However, the fact that the required torques were not achieved until extensions were fabricated and installed - delayed attempts at the slab pour until early August

By now, the beautiful, fine weather we had been experiencing in July, was long gone.

Due to constant rain - they had a lot of trouble getting even this far.

This slab is very strongly reinforced to sit on its four screw piles, take the weight of a full tank of water, and its load from the house above - all without relying on support from the sand base that it was cast on.

Because the slab is sitting on 50mm of sand and then impermeable clay - it is no surprise that you can see pools of water sitting around its edges

We solved this problem a little later on by surrounding it with ag pipe (socked) leading in to a sump with a submersible pump.

It was touch and go getting this slab cast between rain showers - so Gavin headed off to some other jobs for a week or two before coming back for the main slab