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2008-May-17 - Wooroloo - Installing Purlins weekend #2
This was a very successful day - got Tony M to weld on 25 cleats and got Linda painting the beams after she finished teaching yoga at Gidgee that day.

I was up at 5.00 am and managed to be packed and out to the site by 6.45 am.

The first weekend I worked as far as installing half a second purlin - ie cleats welded on to the front two beams. This morning, I welded on another three cleats and placed the purlin.

This one runs over the wall that separates the garage area from the laundry.

Once I had this purlin positioned I was able to check out some of the dimensions and get a clear idea on how to lay out all the other purlins.

I then marked up 25 positions on the main garage beam and stairway beam.

The garage side edge is spot on - running a string line down that edge shows no measurable error

Got Tony up on the rolling scafold and rolled him along the floor periodically

In the meantime I worked on bolting down the second purlin - this demonstrated that the cleats were the correct dimension and that everything would work together.

Having got that sorted, I worked on a problem I had noticed on the back wall of the undercroft bathroom area.

When I installed the steel frame for this section - I had a real fight with the slab under this section of wall - it was about 6 mm too high for about a meter.

I spent about an hour using a stone grinding disk and did improve it considerably - but I noticed that the wall still had a 4 mm high spot.

Finally I decided to cut through three of the studs, remove a little bit of length and have Ross reweld them.

Success - this gave me a perfectly level top plate on the wall - very pleasing,

I still have another section on this same wall that is a litle bit up and down

However - I can correct this easily - just pop rivet on some thin galvanaised iron strips - will do this next weekend

Linda did a brilliant job abrading away the rust, converting it, and painting over with Rust Killer Mission Brown

Tony M welding on cleats

Linda brushing off rust and painting with

KillRust Mission Brown