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2007-Sep-23 - Wooroloo - Completing the power conduiting at the slab end
Several weeks earlier, Ian dug a deep trench, laid electrical and comms conduit, and pulled 16mm cable through for electrical and a rope through for comms

He told me where the conduit stopped near the slab

The ground had been back filled level and I found it very hard work to create a hole out of nothing and go vertically down 1 metre through tough soil

Also the comms conduit ended 30 cm futher back and it took me a fair bit of poking around to find it

Once I had found the conduit ends I needed to dig about a metre across to the slab

I had a number of conduits cast in to the slab and I just needed to hook up a slow radius for both the electrical and comms conduits

While I was at it - I decided to dig out the tough soil and back fill with sand, right next to the slab and vertical conduits to make later electrical work easier.

A hard days work, but I kept to schedule.