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2007-Sep-30 - Wooroloo - Completing the power conduiting at the Builder's Pole end
Having sorted out the conduiting at the slab end, it was time to run the last piece of conduit up the builder's power pole and pull the power cable through ready for the electricians.

(the photos below do not make a lot of sense as I took them when the job was almost finished)

The first step was to bolt some long pieces of 4 x 2 timber on to the pole to create a tripod.

This was necessary because I needed to trench right down to the bottom of the pole on one side and I ran the risk of embarrasingly bringing down the pole, with its overhead cable and possibly shutting down power in the street.

Next I dug down to the position that Ian had indicated, at the edge of the driveway, and located the end of the existing conduits as he had laid them (power and communications)

I then fitted the 90 degree elbow and sundry power conduit to take the loose power lead up to the electrical box

I covered the conduit in warning tape and backfilled to some extent

I dug a curve out towards the Telecom street junction box, stopping just short of it, and extended the white conduit with pull rope in to this trench.

Finally I backfilled completely and tidied up

Now we are ready for the electricians to come and install a power distribution box on to the slab

I was really buggered after this lot (9 hours straight work with a mattock and shovel) and after a similar effort in the week before, found that I had given myself bursitis in the left shoulder.

I took about 6 months to recover from this - making me very wary of using a mattock for anything much.

Temporary support to stabilise power pole

Finalising conduiting of power cable

Warning tape & trench for comms cable

Comms cable conduited up to street junction box