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2007-Oct-13 - Wooroloo - Sub soil drainage around the tank slab - Drama !
I had a very rigid calander of events to hit 4/11/2007 when Rick would come to start fabricating the steel framing.

Subsoil drains around tanks slab ==> Install tank ==> Erect steel columns

This was very rigid because Rick only had very specific weekends when he could work on the mig welding

For the whole wall fabrication to be completed in 2007 it really meant that I had only this particular day (13/10/2007) to get the trenching in, or the whole "house of cards" would fall down.

I'd checked with Ian a number of times that he definitely could make it on this day - and he definitely had it scheduled in his diary

We'd arranged to meet on site at 8.00 am

I got there 7.30 to do some preliminary steps, including bringing the drainage material that was needed.

When it was 8:15 and there was no sign of Ian I started to experience a dark foreboding that something had gone wrong

Just then Ian rang:

"Sorry Tony - I can't get my truck going, the engine has a serious problem - it's going to be off the road for at least two weeks"

I was thrown in to a state of panic and I also felt sorry for Ian - I knew that he had an enormous number of jobs booked for the next few weeks and this would cause him absolute chaos

I went to commiserate with Ian next door (a different Ian)

He suggested that I try a local contractor called Steve

I rang Steve expecting him to say "Yeah well - I guess I could come and have a look at it in the next 4 weeks",

Instead, I was amazed when Steve said, "I'll be around in the next hour"

True to his word, he was - and saved the day.

The sub soil drainage is now working brilliantly - we have now solved all the water problems

I also spoke to Ross next door who said

"You can always ask me if you need some excavation done"

It was reassuring to know that in this small community there were all these people and resources ready to help me.

Ready to go with all the ag pipe

Steve, my rescuer, at work