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2021-May-15 - Wooroloo - Loft Floorboards #23
I last worked on the loft floorboards way back in May 2017.

I had managed to cover the front of the house and the middle atrium but realised that it was more important to finish installing a temporary roof to cover the entire house footprint.

From there I went on to spend the next 4 years installing the cladding, windows and doors at the the street level.

It is now time to install the flooring at the back of the house.

First of all - I visited the site on Friday night, stacked the last of the marri and then stayed overnight.

The next morning (Saturday) I started working on the floorboards.

We are now coming in to winter. Working in the rain, on top of the building is a pain but still much better than doing this in the middle of summer.

I have a strategy in mind to keep myself and the building dry during this process.

The first step is to revisit the temporary roof (now that I have rebuilt the wooden access steps) and reconfigure it for easy access down a central galley.

I have purchased some tough 200 micrometre builder's black plastic to keep the working area covered.

I worked my way along the centre of the roof repositioning some of the sheets and replacing a few of the others so that I could achieve an accessible walk way.

This means every morning I will need to move the anchoring bricks and peel back the covers and reverse the process at the end of the day.

Probably half an hour each way - inconvenient - but necessary.


I came out to site today and performed a combination of working for my client and excavating the access gallery a little more.

Marri stacked Friday night

Reconfigured roof at the end of Saturday

The access gallery by the end of Thursday