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2007-Oct-18 - Wooroloo - Installing a power distribution box on the slab.
Now that the power cable has been conduited all the way from the builder's pole down to the slab - it is time to have a power distribution box installed on the slab.

I had earlier made up a mounting post from a broken bus stop bought at the local scrap metal yard, and some bed frame angle iron dynabolted to the slab.

Paramount Electrical mounted a distribution box on to this post and set it up with several switches and GPO's with RCD protection.

I had earlier cemented 3 posts in the ground so that an overhead power line could be run to the EcoMax system.

This was also wired in to the distribution box.

Hooray ! The electricians are here :-)

Distribution box

Cable to Eco Max

Wiring in Eco Max alarm panel and pump

Eco Max - all wired up - alarm panel & pump socket