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2008-May-3 - Wooroloo - Bridge Over Creek
Because we are starting to plant trees along the creek line - we need to get across.

The main cost in constructing this bridge was the bolts.

I had obtained three pieces of 150mm Z purlin from the tip for $10

I cut these up and welded them together to create two lengths approximately 5m long.

Then I reinforced the joins by bolting on some angle iron, top and bottom, over the welds.

The Z purlins are held in a vertical position using 4 spacing rectanges constructed from bed frame angle iron.

Then to stop sideways oscillation I also bolted in diagonal braces

Each end was also bolted down to some large, heavy PFCs to act as landings.

Still need to attach some cladding - either floor boards or multi-ply with appropriate paint coating

Many thanks to Ross for helping us haul the bridge across the creek and bolting on the landing