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2008-Jan-26 - Wooroloo - Installing packers under steel frame studs
This is another example of me overengineering the construction.

With variations in the height of the slab, it is inevitable that there will be some gaps between the slab and the bottom plate of the steel framing walls.

Up to this point, most of the frames only had sufficient dynabolts inserted to keep them in place for fitting - I needed to complete the dynabolting to the slab, including packing the gaps.

The wisdom in the building industry is that you only need to bolt and pack up every second stud.

I decided to bolt and pack every single one.

Even this simple little job turned in to a 3 week effort

The first step was to go to every stud and attempt to insert some known size packers - 1.2mm, 2.8mm, 6mm, 8mm and record amount of packing required.

The next step was to make up the packers. In some cases just a simple 30mm x 75 mm was all that was required - usually where a dynabolt had already been placed (packing under the dynabolt was done at the time). In other cases a 90mm x 75mm packer with an offset hole was required - where a dynabolt could be inserted through the bottom plate, packers and in to the slab.

A whole day in my home workshop was needed to make these.

The second weekend I managed to install about half of the packers on my own - a very slow process - jumping up and down to look at the recorded requirements, drilling holes and sitting on the slab to insert the packers and dynabolt.

The third weeked, Linda came along and helped me - I could just sit on the slab while she fed me the materials

Standard packer sizes

Recording packers required

Fabricated packers for installation