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2020-Mar-21 - Wooroloo - Back Wall #22
I loaded up the 5 rebated header lvl beams on Friday and tanked up the car.

I was out on site at 7.30 and carried all the beams in and placed them across some carpentry horses.

The first job was to drill the pilot holes, in the large diagonal gussets, out to 14 mm.

While I was doing this Jim popped over and offered to help placing the beams in position.

I completed my drilling, set up a string line, fetched a spirit level and then called Jim for help.

It was certainly far easier with another person helping.

Two of the beams, we needed two attempts as a little bit more needed to be chiselled out of the rebates.

Once all the beams were up we stopped for a coffee at Jim and Sandy's place.

Then back to work - I drilled through the new tags and also drilled upwards for the coach screws.

Finally we disassembled all out work and Jim helped me carry the beams back to the utility.

I told him I could handle it from this point and drove the car down below and set up the beams on glutz in the void space.

I have lined up Mal's Weed and Pest Control to spray them on Monday with termite repellant and then I will encapsulate this with primer.

After readying the beams for spraying I used a die grinder to slightly enlarge all 10 bolting holes to accept the cup bolts (square shank near head).

After this I cleaned up every area of welding with turpentine and a scrubbing brush and applied cold galvanising.

By now it was 5.30 pm and time to pack up.

A long hard day but I am very grateful to Jim for his help - it saved me a lot of time.

A good day's work.

Header beams test installed

Jim was a great help

Cold galvanising all the welds