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2020-Oct-31 - Wooroloo - Back Wall #54
The outcome of the meeting with Peter was that door set #2 would work and we scheduled the following Thursday to install door sets #1 and #2.

This means I still had a lot of preparation work to do for set #2.

I spent the weekend sanding the joined edges down to the same level as the rest of the door, flushing the join and sanding the flaking paint from the external muntions.

Then it took me Monday through Wednesday to apply two coats of primer to the external surface of each door (not enough time to paint the internal side).

On Wednesday evening I transported the doors back out to site and placed them back in the frame.

I also removed a row of the corrugated iron so that there was room to move on the inside.

I was up very early on Thursday and on site by 6.30 am with Peter turning up at 7.00 am.

He worked up to 3.00 am installing both sets of doors.

He was thorough and careful and unfazed by the irregularities in the doors and frame.

A marvelous job and a very reasonable charge.

Doors prepared by end of weekend

Door set # 1 hung on Thursday