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2020-Oct-24 - Wooroloo - Back Wall #53
During the week I performed horrible hacking upon door set #2.

For starters the fixed and the closing sides were reversed from all the other doors.

Secondly - I needed to increase the "meat" on the deadlock mounting surface to 95 mm.

I took a piece of dressed 100 x 45 mm jarrah and thicknessed it down to 35 mm.

I then halved it on the table saw and cut rebates in each piece to achieve a 17 mm x 10 mm projection.

I then ripped off a piece on each door to accomodate these new edges and over several days I biscuit joined the new edges on to create what I call "FrankenDoors".


It took me a while to unclamp the second door and then to tie both doors securely down to the trailer.

Once out on site I performed a repair on a piece of the stop for door set #1.

Next I used the Triton in rip mode to create a skirf sized groove 7 mm deep and 6 mm from the edge on the stop pieces to be used on the door set #2.

I had already created parts of the brackets for temporarily holding doors in place in the door frames but I still needed several hours work to install these.

Finally I brought the doors in off the trailer and installed them as best as possible with the brackets holding them roughly in place.

I had a good look and a good think as to what was needed to improve the fit.


I was held up a little sorting out some work for my client.

Once out on site I was visited by Jim and Sandy and we ended up having coffee for an hour at their place.

Once back on the job I installed a temporary "threshold" stop across the sill of the door to assist in placing the doors correctly.

I then very tentatively began shaving various amounts off the doors to achieve a rough fit.

At this stage I am not very happy with the left hand edge as there appears to be a bit of a bow in the door jamb - I think I can correct this - but on another day.

I have Peter G coming to visit me early in the week for advice and to prepare for the job of installing these doors.

Biscuit joining, clamping the FrankenDoors

Second set of doors roughly installed in frame