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2020-Apr-4 - Wooroloo - Back Wall #24
I need to create some infills to bring the spaces between the columns down to the dimensions needed for the rough openings to accept the door frames.

4 of these infills are of the order of 100 mm wide - so for these I will biscuit join together pieces of 45 x 90 CCA pine.

For the remaining 2 infills which are of the order of 450 mm wide - I will construct some small stud frames.

This weekend I worked on the 4 biscuit joined infills.

I spent much of Saturday working out the positioning of bolt holes that will secure the infills to the steel columns.

I need to make sure that the bolting positions do not clash with the fixing points between the door frame and the rough opening.

By the end of Saturday I managed to mark up and biscuit cut the first infill and to clamp it against some SHS steel column while the glue set (24 hours).

On Sunday I was on much more of a roll and first thing in the morning I marked up, cut, glued and clamped a second set.

Then during the day I completed the preparations for the final two infills.

At around 4.30 pm I removed the infill that had been glued and clamped up the previous day and repeated for the 3rd infill.

Tomorrow morning at around 10 am I will swap out one of the cured pieces and glue and clamp the final piece.

Gluing and clamp biscuit joins