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2020-Oct-10 - Wooroloo - Back Wall #51
I have started on a course of action that I may now regret.

Having finished the back wall it would make sense to move right along and clad the last remaining wall.

However, I have been thinking that it will become very dark when I do that.

I started preparing / refurbishing the doors for the back wall almost a year ago and I have been itching to finish this job.

Monday to Friday of this week I completed the repairs on door set #1 - a little bit each day - filling in defects with 2 part epoxy.

Saturday and Sunday - I sanded off flakey paint around each glass pane using a multi tool and P80 grit pieces of sandpaper.

This was certainly a lot easier than using a scraper but I went through about $15 of sanding pads in the process.

I also gave the interior surface a light sanding - this surface has only been stained so did not need a lot of sanding back.

Masking up the 8 panes in each of the doors took quite a while but I am getting a lot faster at it.

By the end of Sunday I had primed up the exterior side of each door.

This is taking far more time than I anticipated. Plus this was a set of doors that did not need any major work.

So I might end up taking one weekend per set of doors - or 4 weeks just to get the doors ready. Is this a mistaken cul de sac or not ?

Progress by the end of Sunday