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2005-Oct-15 - Wooroloo - Disposing of the Wattle
Last week I had to cut up the wattle that had fallen over.
I dragged all of the tree canopy down to the bottom RHS of the block next to the wood pile - but it all took up a large area and looked like quite a fire hazard.
I decided I would hire garden shredder machine and turn it in to wood chips.
However, when I started asking at my local machinery hire businesses - I found that no one hires these out because they break down very quickly. I'm talking about those 6 horsepower machines that you lift on to a trailer.
I did find one hire company the hires a shredder but we were talking about an industrial strength one that you have to tow behind your car - sounded a bit "over the top" for what I wanted to do.
Then I realised that what I really needed to do was nip all the green bits of the branches so that they would pack well on the the back of truck and take them to our local rubbish tip where they carefully recycle all the garden waste in to compost
I spent about 4 hours with some long handled secateurs and then bending over to pick up all the little bunches of leaves - it was like doing 400 "touch your toes".
The back of my legs are killing me today - but the good news is - I reduced the huge mass of canopy down to one load of leaves - so job successfully completed.

Successfully reduced to one truckload of leaves

Branches & twigs left over