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2005-Oct-15 - Wooroloo - Lockable cover for well
Ross, my next door neighbour at Wooroloo is very handy with metal work and has built me a cover for the well
It has tabs at either end through which I can insert padlocks - so the neighbourhood children cannot drown themselves through misadventure
The cover hinges up in the middle and I can safely lay one side at a time over the other - allowing good access.
Also the base of the cover is peaked in the middle allowing the rain to run off and also give a breathing space at the side - there is even room to pass a 40mm pipe through from the sump pump I intend to install.
The end is almost in sight for the well project - just need to cut the plastic sheeting off at ground level, rub off the mud with a steel brush, and paint it with linseed oil for weather protection.
It's been a long haul.