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2021-Apr-17 - Wooroloo - Side Wall #21
I accomplished everything I was expecting to complete today - either I am getting more efficient or I am setting my sights lower.

The first job was to clean handmarks off the newly installed doors and prime any raw surfaces where Peter had needed to plane away a little wood to achieve a good fit.

This took an hour or so.

Then on to installing another 3 rows of cladding.

This took me up to 4.00 pm.

Part way through the day I had prepared the next band of building wrap (cut 6.5 metres of 1350 wrap in half) and Jim helped me install this while I stapled it in place.

I still need to install another 3 rows of cladding over the top of this and then to do something clever with the exposed wrap (fold it in under row 4 to save it from weathering).

I have left all the tarpaulins in the up position as no rain is forecast for the rest of the week.

If there is a hint of rain then I will zoom out to site and drop the tarpaulins down.

I'd prefer not to as it takes half an hour to lift them at the beginning of the day and half an hour to drop them at the end of the day.

Progress by the end of the day