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2020-Sep-5 - Wooroloo - Back Wall #46
With the scaffolding in place I was able to work on the last 3 rows of cladding.

This was a slow process as I was constantly up and down the ladder to access the scaffolding.

Also the cladding is 3.66 metres long and unwieldy.

A further difficulty is that I only had a single run of 360 mm wide scaffolding plank.

When I move the scaffolding to the last side wall I will make sure that I have two runs next to each other - this will make the scaffolding much more friendly.

I installed two runs on the Saturday and the last row on Sunday.

I masked of the joins, inserted Sika Flex Pro sealant and scraped it level with a spatula.

I left this to set over Monday and Tuesday and then stripped off the masking tape on Wednesday and applied primer over the joins.

On Thursday I applied the first coat of Cottage Cream over the joins and the second coat first thing on the following Saturday.

Progress by the end of Sunday