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2020-Aug-29 - Wooroloo - Back Wall #45
I have just 3 more rows of cladding to install above the doors.

However, I have realised that just going up and down a ladder with 3.6 metre planks is going to be difficult.

I really need scaffolding running the entire 10 metre length of the wall.

I do not have any A frame or quick scaffolding - just a lot of 50 mm pipe and clamps (and some of this has been lent to me by my next door neighbour Ian).

I spent Saturday rounding up all the pieces I had available and dismantling some scaffolding structure which was not really practical.

Later in the day I settled on a plan - a number of "ladders" that are 1500 mm high by 1000 mm wide.

I also worked out a way to have a template so that I could avoid a lot of measuring up and placement.

For the 1000 mm pieces I am using pipe from Ian. But for the 1500 mm pieces I am cutting up the "flag poles".

These are the 5 metre lengths of pipe I had installed at each corner of the house with a pulley mounted at the top.

I used them several years back when I was working on the roof - they let me cover much of the roof with a large tarpaulin to provide shade in summer.

They became badly bent by high winds acting on the tarpaulin - so good candidates for repurposing.


I really geared up in to production, created all the "ladders" I needed and set up a run of scaffolding.


I finished off the last of the scaffolding plank placement as well as worked for my client.

I dropped the last of the "flag poles", cut it up and created one spare "ladder".

I will use this when cladding the last side of the house which is 12.6 metres long.

I have an existing scaffolding level that is only 600 mm wide but I will be able to reconfigure each ladder to this width - so hopefully all the time I have spent on scaffolding just to install 3 rows of cladding will be justified when I move to the next wall.


Again out on site, mainly working for my client - but I was able to screw blocks under the scaffolding planks to lock them in position over the scaffolding pipes. This makes the planking much safer to walk on

Progress by end of Wednesday